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Back from AthFest

I've concluded that you should:

Go see The Black Lips

Go see Dead Confederate

And especially go see The Futurebirds and The Interns

A few random items from the weekend:

1) I got to stand sidestage and watch the most dynamic two young bands on the Athens music scene as they played back-to-back sets at Tasty World. Most of the members of each band are members of both but each has its own distinctive sound. Insane guitar from the Interns and energy you could capture and sell from the Futurebirds.

2) The Black Lips- Didn't expect to really enjoy their music but ended up digging the whole performance. A varied style and somehow lived up to the hype as far as stage antics go (two band members making out after spraying a fire extinguisher into the crowd). At the end of the show frontman made a mockery of his Fender smashing it to bits.

3) Another good vantage point from the rooftop of my buddy's apartment for Randall Bramblett's set. Memorable in its haziness.

4) Camera stopped working at the exact same time the first band of the weekend (that I saw---Twin Tigers took the main stage. Good band, chick bass players rule.

Full length review coming for

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