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Super groups seem to be all the rage these days. So far this year we've gotten the expected and long-awaited Monsters of Folk album, the seemingly out-of-leftfield, albeit legendary Them Crooked Vultures collaboration, the bizarrely inventive/intriguing Blakroc (great album btw), and the "ride the nostalgia wave" Chickenfoot. Just today, I caught wind of Apparatjik, which quite possibly the strangest collective in the bunch, but no less intriguing. Apparatjik features a dude from Coldplay, a guy from Danish rock band Mew, and a bloke from 80's pop band a-ha (you know the one at the top of your iTunes?--'Take On Me' fame). Watch the video for "Electric Eye" on the band's MySpace. Welcome to the future, or is it the past?

In the spirit of super groups, here's the best of the bunch, the short-lived Traveling Wilburys doing "End of the Line":

It's Alright - Traveling Wilburys

Spuff | MySpace Video