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Pre-Voodoo Interview w/ NOLA Radio DJ Soul Sister from WWOZ

New Orleans local DJ Soul Sister talks about this weekend's Voodoo Experience happening down in City Park featuring KISS, Widespread Panic, Jane's Addiction, The Flaming Lips, Eminem and many more(You might wanna click the KISS link). Check it out:

ACYL: For those who've never been to either (like yours truly), what is it that distinguishes the Voodoo vibe from the JazzFest vibe?

DJ: I love the heck out of both Voodoo & Jazz Fest, but the thing that distinguishes Voodoo is that it's much wilder, on the underground side of things. Like, you'll have punk rock bands and hip hop and "sissy bounce" and people dressed like zombies and me playing Japanese disco. It's a wild party for the nonconformist music lovers. And it all happens under the trees at City Park, which makes everything very beautiful and mysterious looking. And the party goes into the evening hours, so to jam to all this wildness under the stars and the moon adds that extra element too.

ACYL: Scoop us on an up-and-coming local artist that people everywhere are gonna be talking about 5 years from now.

DJ: There's a great buzz about the rock group MyNameIsJohnMichael, so I'm going to go with them - cause they're cool and I'm friends with one of the members' moms.

ACYL: What has been your favorite Voodoo performance in the past and who are you psyched to see throw it down this year?

DJ: I wanna see Janelle Monae. I hear she's just this wildchild artista who can't be stopped, sort of like the Betty Davis of today. New Orleans' TBC Brass Band will most likely funk things up too. Of course P-Funk. I play at the same time as Jello Biafra, but checking him out would be fun. And honestly, my favorite Voodoo performance in the past has to be that of all the ladies who rushed my stage last year on Sunday night to dance and pop to old school New Orleans bounce music. Yep.

ACYL: How is the station involved with the festival?

WWOZ has a stage at the festival and they're going to broadcast many acts live from Of course, if you're in New Orleans you can tune in to 90.7 FM. In fact, George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic are playing on the WWOZ stage and I'm hoping that they get to broadcast that one live. In preparation for that, I'm hosting a P-Funk Marathon on Friday night/Saturday (Halloween) morning from 12am-5am on WWOZ. It should be wild.

ACYL: Tell the fans nationwide why New Orleans is THE place to be nationwide on Halloween.

DJ: Halloween in this city gets bigger and bigger, like Mardi Gras. There's already a few parades for it and people start dressing up, partying and gorging themselves on a candy at least a week beforehand. By the time Voodoo comes around, it's just on for real. It's like Mardi Gras-style partying, without that corny "girls gone wild" element - and it's centered around the nighttime. It's so much fun, but there isn't a saying yet. Like, you go around telling people "Happy Mardi Gras?" No one goes around yelling "Happy Halloween" down here while they're partying. We've got to come up with something.

ACYL: Anything else to add?

DJ: I'll be playing live on the Preservation Hall Stage each night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8:15-10. I hope everyone will join me and my Booty Patrol Dancers for the right on party situation live at Voodoo. I'll be throwing down the sounds that have made my dear mother think I was crazy for many years.

Thanks to DJ Soul Sister for speaking with us. This interview will be included in the Voodoo Experience Festival Review for JamBase up next week.

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