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White Magic

With the release of White Magic (Modular Recordings--Tame Impala, Avalanches, YYY's...) tomorrow, the world will get their introduction to Eric Berglund's (of The Tough Alliance) new schtick, an amalgation of electronically-laden globetrotting pop music. The album is easy to take in, clocking in at a mere 29 minutes and will likely turn some heads waiting for that danceable summertime album (Sleigh Bells is/was/will never be for me). I even think those pitchfork-wielders up there in Brooklyn will dig this one.

Video for Come With Me:

Press Release on Modular's web site [CLICK TO READ FULL RUNDOWN OF WHAT CEO IS]
"ceo is a lost love and it is Rihanna's voice. it is hibernation, the spectacle and every breath you take."

Get the picture? Yeah, me neither

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