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moe. Silver Sun [Live Debut] - Albany, NY - Postponed Electric Lemoe.nade Halloween Show - 12.04.2010

Silver Sun Passes the Test [moe.]

This tune is a monster. The meandering psychedelia in the intro is a close kin to Pink Floyd's "Echoes" in all it's uplifting majesty and the latter half takes on the austere marchlike gravamen of just about any 70's psych-metal epic (take your pick). Also, the short lyrical portion of the song evokes "Across the Universe" comparisons (melodically) and the sort of lucid stream-of-consciousness content one would expect from a song written specifically for a concert billed as the "Electric Lemoe.nade Acid Test." The video is only the latter portion of the new tune, one that will for sure become a highly sought after staple of the progressive jam band's sprawling catalogue. moe. is currently celebrating their 20th Anniversary and will be closing out the year with a New Year's Eve 2-night run at the House of Blues in Boston.  

Check out this video of the song's debut with costumed choreography --

To download and/or listen to this song and show, click here
Also, note the borderline orgasmic excitement of the female crowd member
around the 9:48 mark. Music is powerful, and I think she passed the test.

Silver Sun Lyrics

Slowly on the silver sun swept

Fields are falling away
Heiroglyphics hide & seek
Inside the sky of yesterday

Watching while the windowpane
Drips into the dresser drawers
Finding faces far too strange
Pondering the pouring rain

The sun beats down on silver spaceships
Hovering above the ground
Shadows shooting shining round
Wonder where the world is now

Leaving light & lying low
Breathing bright & evenflow
Picture pixels picking time
Light the grind along the lines

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