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Mashup NOLA at HoB Presented by Jermaine Quiz

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Not really sure how many mash-up artists have incorporated live instrumentation to supplement their work on the 1′s and 2′s, but this concept seems genius and will undoubtedly compel those like me who aren’t especially keen on the mashup genre to take a closer look at the explosive (and no longer faddish or new) genre. The effect of these shows should work both ways, and hopefully some dance club junkies will gain a whole new appreciation for some of the local musical talent that will be featured every other week at Quiz’ HoB parties. Regardless, this sounds like the ultimate recipe for dance party shenanigans and a good excuse to get downtown on a Friday night. I’m already sweatin’ just thinking about it.

Details: Starting this Friday, DJ Jermaine Quiz will be hosting a Mashup NOLA party and feature a revolving door of local musicians dropping by. The first lineup will include Derrick Freeman (Kermit Ruffins’ BBQ Swingers) on drums, Kirk Joseph playing tuba (Dirty Dozen Brass Band), saxophonist James Martin (Ernie Vincent), and guest MC M@Peoples. Plus, tickets are only be $9.

Future guests include members of Karl Denson, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, George Porter, Jr.’s Running Pardners, the Funky Meters, and Trombone Shorty’s New Orleans Ave. The shows will be 18+.

Now if only DJ Soul Sister can get in the mix…then we’d really be in business. Although, mashups, funk remixes and live instruments all pulsing at once may lead to some sort of overload/brain explosion. And nobody wants that.

Get out there.

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