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Anders Osborne - Thanksgiving at Tipitina's Uptown

                                           Anders Osborne and Stanton Moore at Voodoo

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the American institution that doesn't get enough credit. Shoppers love Black Friday, football fans Thanksgiving and the rivalry-heavy Saturday, but there's nothing like a going out on the town when the only plans you've got the next day are to eat, drink, and watch football. Many claim it's the biggest night of the year to go out into the wild and make marginal decisions (exceeding even New Year's Eve). Thankfully, NO/Swedish ex-pat Anders Osborne rounded up some of the city's best musicians to ring in Turkey Day and give folks a little added incentive to burn up some calories before stuffing their face today. With Galactic's Stanton Moore and Rich Vogel on skins/keys and Carl Dufrene on bass (who arguably showed up Osborne in beardworhti, this was a Superjam of sorts, loosely based around the excellent new songs of Osborne's newest release American Patchwork. Osborne's dazzling talent and pop wherewithal is of a star quality, mixing in the shreddier Fender displays like "On the Road to Charlie Parker" with more impactful tunes like "Darkness at the Bottom". Osborne's vocal talent isn't lost on the live stage and he's in the rare breed of artists who arguably sounds even better without the aid of studio machinery. The songs present an autobiographical recount of more trying times and the masterfully bearded guitarist plays with the kind of swagger that only a man with a second lease on life could possess.  Plus, one could argue that Stanton Moore enjoys playing his instrument more than anyone else, just take one look at that perma-grin the jam scene stalwart wears and you'll know what I'm talking about. It seems to me that it's only a matter of time before someone picks up Osborne for a supporting spot on a big tour, giving him the long-overdue platform to do his thing all over this great country we're so thankful for today. For now, we'll just enjoy seeing New Orleans' best kept secret for the price of a 12-pack.

Tipitina's on a Wednesday night, just don't get much better than that...

Tonight it's down to Preservation Hall for a long overdue first visit to the hallowed venue with the fam. Stay tuned.

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