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Lord Huron

The trip-trop-pop genre grows by one...

                                                 Mighty EP - Album Art

 Somewhere at the crossection of an Americanized El Guincho and Animal Collective lies Lord Huron, a new entity that has quietly put out two exquisite and self-released EPs over the past seven months. All of the songs on these two EPs were performed by Ben Schneider alone, but rest assured, there is reportedly a proper band to recraft these spacious sounds when the band performs live. Perhaps we have a budding Bradford Cox in the making? Stylistic comparisons to Atlas Sound or Deerhunter would miss the mark however, as both Mighty and Into the Sun fuse a hypnotic coastline breeziness with a revitalizing momentum that you won't find in the more narcotic Atlas Sound. By drawing from an internationally diverse and stylistically colourful palette, Lord Huron has an exceptionally broad-ranging appeal that should play well both in the indie-loving blogosphere and the shallower outer shores of the pop mainstream. Although these were self-released, I'd be surprised if these guys aren't on a record label by the end of the year.

 To stream Lord Huron's excellent and Mighty EP (Released 11/2), click the link below. Ditto for the Into the Sun EP (released 6/15). Should be a buzzworthy band to keep an eye on next year. Also, they seem to have a knack for really cool album covers.  

**The Bandcamp site also offers free downloads of each of the title tracks.

Lord Huron - Mighty EP
Lord Huron - Into the Sun EP

                                                 Into the Sun EP - Album Art

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