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Breathe Owl Breathe - Magic Central - Review for

The following review is also available here and is in the 2010 Holiday Issue of Relix Magazine --

The trio Breathe Owl Breathe spent time together living as roommates and recording this album in the close quarters of a rural Michigan cabin (“Magic Central”). Magic Central is an alluring record, shifting with ease from a Nick Drake style gravamen in the reverent opener “Own Stunts” to the lounge-y playfulness of “Parrots in the Tropical Trees.” The charming vocal chemistry between Micah Middaugh and Andrea Moreno-Beals amid the organic sounds of cello, acoustic guitars and drums are invitingly familiar. Equal parts fireside-in-the-easy-chair and urban sophistication, this welcoming 12-song set takes you outside the sprawl and into the woods, with an up close and personal seat in the band’s creative center.

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