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Yo La Tengo at Tipitina's Uptown - 01.29.2011

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The champions of snark put on one of the more unique and FREEWHEELING live shows I’ve ever seen on Saturday night. I managed to go into the show with very few pre-conceived notions of what to expect from a Yo La Tengo performance besides what I have learned from listening to the band’s two brilliant records (2009′s Popular Songs and 2006′s I Am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass) so I was well aware that the band kinda sorta lacks a middle gear, which is totally cool (as opposed to bands like Spoon that I would describe as nearly all middle gear — again, cool with me). I just didn’t realize that lead singer Ira Kaplan doubles as a stand-up comedian, the dude is hilarious. For this tour the band is lugging around a wheel of fortune with various adjectives and phrases. Whatever the needle lands on loosely determines the theme of the night. 

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