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Trey Anastasio performs "You Enjoy Myself" with the New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall

Multi-angle video


You Enjoy Yourself and take a look.

This is the first live symphonic performance of You Enjoy Myself, a song written by Anastasio in the mid-80s and released by Phish in 1988 on the album Junta. It is the most frequently played song in the Phish canon, having been performed at over 1/3 of their shows over the course of the band's storied 26 year career. This video features Trey Anastasio performing the song at Carnegie Hall with the NY Philharmonic, a dream come true I suppose for Trey himself and Phish fans alike.

1 comment:

Billy said...

i really wish trey didnt sing during this event. his voice is not worthy to coincide with the philharmonic. pretty fucking cool shit though. but.......... stick to phish please