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Universal Studios Florida...The Band

The Animal Collective subgenre grows... Like Beard rock's development over the last three years by way of MMJ>Band of Horses>Fleet Foxes and beyond, this noisy, spatial, narcotic sound seems to be seeping in from all directions at a higher and higher rate. Universal Studios Florida formed fairly recently at the University of Washington (the members are still only 21) by a couple dudes sharing an affinity for dreamy soundscapes and 90s nostalgia. Judging from the first two tracks I came across "Frozen Bayou" and "Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed" these two have been skipping out on Huskies games and mainlining Avey Tare and Panda Bear's creative outputs/Kool-Aid. Check out this live video of "New Cub" and see what I mean:

Universal Studios Florida - New Cub from Filmed in Stereo on Vimeo.

Not particularly a fan of the AC sound, but I'm sure some folks will be diggin on these guys in the 10s...The Future.

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