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Voodoo Experience :: 10.30.09 - 11.01.09 :: City Park :: New Orleans, LA

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"Worship the music." It's Voodoo Experience's tagline and the sentiment seemed to sum up the New Orleans festival. Referred to as Jazz Fest's "much wilder" cousin by local WWOZ DJ and festival performer DJ Soul Sister, this year, the calendar presented a perfect storm for a spectacular freak show weekend with Halloween falling on Saturday night and All Saints Day hitting appropriately on Sunday. With a heavy lineup curated for thrill seeking rockers, featuring such delectably bizarro acts as Ween, The Flaming Lips, Jane's Addiction, Eminem, Widespread Panic, Gogol Bordello, and KISS, even the casual fan would be hard pressed not to embrace their dark side and celebrate the spirits of the season.

City Park is an ideal natural setting, giving everything "a very beautiful and mysterious looking aesthetic," as Soul Sister put it. The city of New Orleans has a celebrated tradition of embracing all things macabre and doesn't really need an excuse like Halloween to throw a masquerade, but toss in a music festival with a bunch of freaky bands (and fans) and it's on...

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KISS play Dr. Love on Halloween night

Eminem "3 a.m." on Friday night, opening song

The List

Slim Shady's band
The pandemonium of Gogol Bordello
Catching Roses Are Free after Eminem went off early
Driving Song > Diner > Pilgrims > Driving Song
Pogues' lead singer's unparalleled drunkenness on-stage
Black Keys in the rain
Panic in the sun
The people watching factor on Saturday
Naked chick on-stage at Flaming Lips

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