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Yeasayer video for new single "Amblin Alp" [NSFW]

Not even going to attempt to act like I know what's going on in this video. Nevertheless, it's a good excuse to listen to this song again and again. Kind of thought this song had Disney licensing written all over it. Instead dripping faces, naked people and boxing. Who'da thunkit.

Yeasayer video for "Ambling Alp", the first single from the band's forthcoming LP Odd Blood, set for release in February 2010.

Birthday suits seem to be the costume of choice in music videos these days. Guess you can do whatever you want now that you don't have to worry about your video ever getting played on MTV...See The Flaming Lips new video "Watching the Planets" (actually don't unless you wanna see Wayne Coyne naked)...

...or check out Sigur Ros' 2008 video "Gobbledigook" below:


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