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The rap court's jester king has put out yet another mix-tape, no surprise here. This time it's ironically titled No Ceilings, seeing as Weezy's about to be walled up for a year in the pen on weapons charges. The scatological lyrical style is no different, as Mr. Carter doesn't waste any time being introspective or whiny about his impending stay behind bars; Instead he continues to deliver the bawdily raw and nasty anti-rhymes the world has come to expect from him ever since he was Clearin' tha Set with The Hot Boys. Forewarning and George Foreman? Sounds good to me. Just remember this display of the classic Weezy sound when the hatespeak starts oozing on December 15th when his long-delayed rap-rock project Rebirth is unleashed (barring yet another delay (cold feet?)).

Download No Ceilings here [This mixtape is NSFAnything--Rated NC-24]

Banned from T.V.

Still stickin to the script like Nicole Kidman
Need the man hit? We are those hitmen
He stopped runnin, the bullet holes didn’t
uh, Basically, I’m still a monster
Till the fat lady sings I come to kill the Opera
Yall too plain, Imma helicopter
My words keep goin like a teleprompter

Something tells me a little time in prison ain't gonna stop the most prolific artist in the world from writing, if any thing we might get Pandora's Box Set unleashed when they open the gate and set this man free.


Chris Moody said...

His bars go harder than anything jail has to offer. Im guessing hell break out in 2 weeks tops.

Slimbo said...

Your flow never wet, like grandma pussy;
I'm always good, like grandma's cookies

This, right before a Catalina Wine Mixer reference. Best rapper alive.